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Individual Student Programs

Prior to selecting a student program below, new students must complete our New Student Packet, and schedule a New Student Assessment with one of our instructors. 

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Mounted Lessons

Mounted lessons typically involve a leader and a side-walker, depending on the rider's level of independence. Tailored to their individual needs, the student can learn all aspects of how to ride a horse or enjoy a movement lesson around the property. Beginners start on lead with a volunteer, and gradually work towards independence with skills such as halting, steering and trotting. 

30 Minutes



Unmounted Lessons

Unmounted lessons are the perfect start for nervous students, those who have trouble adjusting to the new sensory environment of the farm, or students who simply want to learn all things horse care. Grooming involves a systematic checklist of tools to brush and clean the horse, offering an organized and routine structure that gives many students comfort through predictability. Students have the ability to progress to leading the horse, and may choose to try a mounted lesson at any time. 

30 Minutes



Horsemanship Lessons - Grooming and Riding

Horsemanship lessons are open to students from beginner to advanced, however are only offered based on recommendation by one of our instructors after the New Student Assessment. It includes a comprehensive lesson involving grooming, tacking, leading and riding. 

60 Minutes


School Group Programs

Whether its a one time experience, or a program built into your experiential learning curriculum, school trips at our program reinforce team building, positive communication, work ethic, independence and respect for nature and animals. 

Pictured is a very special class and their teachers from West Long Branch School. During their trip to Happy Tails, they learned the basics of stopping and steering on our horse JD, and worked together to groom our ponies, Dottie and Folie. 


Community Programs

We want to share the joy of horses with as many individuals and families in our community as possible.

By teaming up with local non-profits and other community-focused programs, we have the opportunity serve Monmouth County residents together. 

Pictured are a couple of Lunch Break's Mentor Program participants. For most of the mentees that visited us, it was their first time interacting with a horse.


A picture is worth a thousand words - they truly enjoyed their time with us!


Time To Ride Pilot Program

The Time To Ride program was created by the American Horse Council's Marketing Alliance, and aims to educate and support the new generation of dedicated riders and horse owners.


Over the course of the program, participants will be introduced to all things horses, including daily care and riding, in the safe and welcoming environment that is Happy Tails.


Stay tuned for updates regarding registration!


Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the following programs that will soon be offered at Happy Tails

Active duty and military veteran workshops

After School Group Programs

Community Awareness Workshops

Summer Camp